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How much time do you spend trying to organize an interview with a candidate? How about scheduling that interview with a hiring manager or a hiring panel…?

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“A lot” is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Recruiters -have reported spending anywhere from 5 to 20+ percent of their time, depending on the type of roles they are working on. That is quite “a lot” to spend on such a transactional and non-value adding activity. Facing major changes on the talent market, everyone is looking for ways to reinvest their time and focus on more strategic and candidate facing activities. None of this should be news to you and you have probably explored some solutions out there. Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM) or Video Interviewing solution might even have some scheduling capability.

Are you really using it? Does it fit your company and process?

If yes, good for you 😊. In most cases there is always something that stands in the way. That “something” might be your competitive advantage or superb candidate and hiring manager experience you worked so hard to create. Why give it up and adapt to the norm?

Timeet app shape shape

Timeet solution

Timeet can help you overcome current challenges and automate interview scheduling without forcing you to make compromises.
Free up time for your recruiters and keep what makes you unique and stand out.

Here is our solution in 3 easy steps
Flexible scheduling workflows

Flexible scheduling workflows

Select how your scheduling process will work for Personal or Group events. Define availability periods or specific dates. Pick your internal participants and immediately see how many common timeslots you have available. Take advantage of our integration with video conferencing platforms (Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, …) and customize your email invites.

Add candidates

You can actually skip this step if we integrate with your ATS. Define rules for each Event and fully automate your scheduling process. Everyone that reaches specific stage in your ATS can be automatically invited (example: Recruiter or Hiring Manger interview). We also support individual or bulk upload of candidate data.

Candidate self-scheduling

Based on your (or combined) availability, candidates can select a slot that best withs their schedule. We ensure great candidate experience with intuitive interface and your company branding. After selecting an available slot, all participants receive confirmation email and a calendar invite with embedded video conferencing link (if selected). Interviews get rescheduled or canceled very often and Timeet can also help you seamlessly manage this process.


Customer Success Story

Coca-Cola HBC Talent Acquisition Team is constantly looking for ways to improve and elevate our processes, capabilities and candidate experience. Interview Scheduling was often identified as priority or a low hanging fruit, due to high impact it has on recruiter’s workload. We could not quite find a solution as there was always an integration or a workflow missing to fully meet our needs.
Working with ITEMS our team was able to design flexible Interview Scheduling workflows and seamlessly integrate everything to our existing Tech Stack. After only 1 month we got a system that was bult “by recruiters for recruiters” with expert guidance from their engineers. Now after just few months of usage we have more then 1.000 interviews booked via our new app.


Timeet interview scheduling software is priced per recruiter (user), regardless of your company size. Our goal is to help you easily achieve positive ROI. We understand that this is hard without considering company's geographical footprint. Our cost per license will be a fraction of the median recruiter salary in the country your users are located in.

Successfully implementing Timeet Interview Scheduling solution means that we fully meet your custom needs and requirements. You are now thinking that so much customization comes at a hefty price, but that is not the case here. Our development resources are based in Eastern Europe and their cost will be passed to you on the same rate.

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